Frequently Asked Questions

Why my roses fail ?

Every year we are asked 1000’s of times that “our roses just didn’t respond”. We at Friend’s Rosery take very good care of our roses. At dispatch to customers our roses are treated with appropriate pesticide to give you pleasure on arrival. Now the main question – It could be due to the following reasons
1) Improper planting.
2) Using of excess chemicals at the time of planting.
3) Using of undecomposed manure
4) Use of neem cake.
5) Insufficient watering.

How & when to fertilize ?

Fertilizing is in itself a whole chapter but don’t get disheartened as its not a rocket science. Whenever your gardening instincts tell you, your plant is growing give it a little dose of fertilizer. REMEMBER chances are you might kill your plant with an overdose, so its better to provide them with fertilizer in low dose. Its always better to give your plant a balanced fertilizer if you don’t have much information about it.

When to Prune my roses ?

Pruning should be done just before the start of growing season. In North, at our place we generally recommend and do our pruning in mid of October.

What height should we prune ?

This depends on your type of rose plant. Give a minute and look at your plant before pruning, ask your gardening instincts how you want your plant to look ? Pruning cannot be generalized at a certain height. And should be done according to your plant vigour, type, soil & climate and of course your whims. In layman’s language, you can cut your plants to half unless some other objective is there.

Why my roses DIE after pruning ?

This is because of a fungal disease called “ Die Back”. Use of fungicide is recommended. Plant should be thoroughly covered with fungicide.

Flower buds appear on my plant but they fail to open up ?

Sometimes in peak winters it is due to a phenomenon called “Balling”. In this the flower buds appear but they do not open and eventually in a couple of days rots. Also this could be because your plant needs more food and or due to extreme low temp.

What kind of soil is good for roses ?

Roses are heavy feeder and require good amount of nourishment. They prefer a good rich porous soil which is having a pH of 6.5 to 7.

Why do my roses not bloom ?

Major reason for roses not blooming is that they are receiving low amount of sunlight. Minimum requirement for roses is about 6hrs of sunlight. Then there could be other reasons as well like – blind shoots, not enough food, varietal character, etc.